A Brief Exposition on Guarding Ones Gaze


By: A Brief Exposition on Guarding Ones Gaze”,Reviver of the Sunnah, Hazrat Moulana Shah Abrar-ul-Haq Sahib (Rahmatullah Alaihe)

The harms of lustful glances are such that at times they can ruin ones’ life in this world and the Hereafter. In today’s time the causes of this spiritual disease are spreading far and wide at a fast pace. For this reason, it felt appropriate to note down some of the harms of lustful glances and a brief solution to them so that one may be protected from its harms. Hence by observing the following points one should easily be able to guard their gaze:
1. To lower ones’ gaze whenever females pass by regardless of how much pressure ones’ nafs puts on a person.
2. If by chance one is unable to lower their gaze and ones’ sight falls upon any female, then to lower ones’ gaze immediately regardless of how burdensome it may be even if one feels one is going to die.
3. To take into consideration that by not guarding ones’ gaze there is a chance of disgracing ones’ self in this world. The radiance of one’s good deeds may be seized and with certainty it will ruin ones hereafter.
4. For every lustful glance a minimum of twelve nafl rak’at should be read and based on ones’ financial situation, a certain amount of money should be given in charity and in abundance of istighfar should be made.
5. To contemplate over this that lustful glances darkens ones heart and leads to its devastation. The darkness caused by lustful glances is removed over a prolonged period of time to such an extent that until one develops a habit of guarding ones’ gaze each and every time even though one feels an urge to look till then the heart will not become clean.
6. To consider this that a lustful glance leads to an inclination and that inclination leads to a desire and that desire develops into love and any form of impermissible love will obliterate ones hereafter.
7. To come to the realization that due to lustful glances slowly a person’s inclination towards acts of obedience and the remembrance of Allah will decrease until that person reaches the point of neglecting them completely and ultimately coming to hating them.

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