Benefits of Musabba Tul Ashr

Sayyedina Ibrahim timi (Rehmat ullah alaih) is one of the biggest Wali Allah throughout islam. This individual is among the early proprietors involving Qadri tariqa. This is just what he / she stated about Musabba-Tul-Ashr.
Eventually When i had been near this Kaba throughout Mecca plus a beautiful looking extremely good looking person came up along with stated salam in my opinion along with seated alongside myself about my suitable side aspect. Around my whole life I had certainly not noticed any person far better looking, additional respected looking, additional good looking, far better clothed, additional whitened, along with far better smelling compared to him or her.
When i told him or her “ E person involving Allah who will be people along with in which did people originate from? ”
This individual replied” I am Khizar (Prophet Khidar Alai hissalam) “
When i asked him or her “ why must i possess the honor involving meeting people? ”
This individual responded “ When i came up even though involving Allah along with to offer a new gift”
When i asked him or her “ what is in which reward? ”
This individual responded “ constantly understand Musabba-Tul-Ashr just before dawn along with just before sunset”
Then he explained to myself about Musabba-Tul-Ashr along with advised myself never to quit reading these individuals.
When i asked him or her to tell myself this savab (benefit) involving reading these individuals. This individual stated if you satisfy the Holy Prophet (Sallal laho alaihe wasallaam) people ask him or her. He’ll almost certainly make clear the rewards for you.

Sheikh Ibrahim Timi (Rehmat ullah alaih) started off reading these individuals then one nights he / she noticed throughout his / her desire in which angels came up along with picked him or her upward along with required him or her to Jannah. This individual noticed every little thing throughout Jannah. This angels exhibited him or her every little thing along with described every little thing in more detail. This individual asked these individuals “all the items When i noticed throughout Jannah usually are pertaining to who?
This angels responded “these usually are proper would you like you accomplish (meaning who scans Musabba-Tul-Ashr). inches
This individual additionally stated that this angels gave him or her this fresh fruits to eat along with gave him or her your wine through Jannah to drink.
Then this Holy Prophet (Sallal laho alaihe wasallaam) sported a really sophistication in which there was 60 to 70 Prophets together with him or her along with 60 to 70 series involving angels along with each line involving angels had been as long as through far east to west.
This Holy Prophet (Sallal laho alaihe wasallaam) stated salam in my opinion along with required my surrender his / her side. When i asked this Holy Prophet (Sallal laho alaihe wasallaam) in which Khizar (Prophet Khidar Alai hissalam) informed me that they observed a new hadis through people.
This holy prophet (Sallal laho alaihe wasallaam) stated 3 times. “whatever Khidar (Alai hissalam) stated had been accurate. ”
Plus the Holy Prophet (Sallal laho alaihe wasallaam) stated:
“whatever Khidar (Alai hissalam) affirms holds true. Around the deal with of the earth he is the largest Alim (scholar), this supervisor of all Abdal along with among the armies involving Allah in the world, he / she is one of the army. ”
When i asked this Holy Prophet (Sallal laho alaihe wasallaam) “anyone who will accomplish just like myself (Meaning understand Musabba-Tul-Ashr) what’s going to he / she receive? ”
This Holy Prophet (Sallal laho alaihe wasallaam) stated:
Allah can eliminate all his / her biggest sins which he / she did.
Allah will take away azab through him or her along with his / her wrath (meaning Allah can never receive mad through him).
Allah can ask this angel about his / her left not to ever create his / her sins for example 12 months. (if people understand the idea as soon as only)
In support of he’ll get it done who Allah designed since lucky in support of he’ll quit doing the work, who had previously been delivered since unfortunate.
Then this Holy Prophet (Sallal laho alaihe wasallaam) described some other great things about Musabba-Tul-Ashr
When Sheikh Ibrahim timi (Rehmat ullah alaih) woke upward through his / her desire he / she certainly not ate or perhaps drank whatever yet again until death. This individual certainly not needed any meals or perhaps drink yet again.
All the above episode is additionally published throughout ihya-e-alum published by this famous Imam Ghazali (Rehmat ullah alaih). Most Aulia Allah understand the idea everyday and enquire of their own murid you just read the idea way too.
Sheikh Kaleem ullah Jahanabadi (Rehmat ullah alaih), an exceptionally famous Qadri wali Allah through India, additionally stated in which anyone who scans Musabba-Tul-Ashr day-to-day, some facets who experience and they are extremely all-around Allah is going to be together with him or her twenty-four hours a day to safeguard him or her.

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