Black Magic for Husband Wife

Black Magic for Husband Wife

What is Black Magic for Husband Wife? Today everybody need to know it in light of the fact that it spreading quick in the entire over world. Today every nation are accomplishing more and profound exploration about Black Magic in light of the fact that they know exceptionally well that in the event that they are succeed to control on Black Magic then they will manage the world. So now, nowadays, Black Magic have more significance on the planet. Here, we are going to let you know some basic and fundamental data to you whereby you can figure that how to utilize Black Magic in Hindi dialect. Yes, without a doubt we are going to let you know data in Hindi dialect on the grounds that Black Magic in Hindi is likewise compelling in our nation.
Question: Can energy be used in a negative manner, for example to do black magic?

Sadhguru: You need to understand that energy is just energy; it is neither divine nor is it evil. You can make anything – a god or a devil – out of it. It is like electricity. Is electricity the divine or the devil? When it is lighting your house, it is the divine. If it becomes an electric chair, it is the devil. It just depends on who is operating it at that moment.

Actually, five thousand years ago, Arjuna asked Krishna the same question, “If you are saying everything is the same energy and everything is divine, if it is the same godhood which exists in Duryodhana, why is he functioning like this?” Krishna laughed, because after all the teaching, Arjuna was still coming back to this simple, basic, childlike question. Krishna replied, “God is Nirguna, the divine is Nirguna. He has no attributes of his own.” That means it is just pure energy. You can make anything out of it. The tiger that comes to eat you also has the same energy, a god that may come and save you also has the same energy. They are just functioning in different ways. When you are driving your car, is it good or bad? It can make your life or take your life any moment, isn’t it?

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