Dua Wazifa in Islam is removed from the sacred book of the Quran in which people whether the people are identified with men/male/kid and whether the people are identified with the ladies/female/young lady, Dua Wazifa is the path through which we valued the Allah and Dua , Wazifa is utilized or used when we do or to play out the five circumstances of the Namaz , 30 days of Roza which is utilized as a part of Ramdan , Kalma it is utilized for tolerating Islam by people i.e. men and ladies ,Zakat which is utilized for circulating our kamaya hua mal I,e whatever the people win in month to month salary then the people 25% pay convey for hobo men and the last one is Haz .

Dua Wazifa in Islam

Dua Wazifa in Islam is originating from the heavenly book of the Quran or Kalam e Pak and in the Quran there are distinctive Surah by the blend of the diverse Aayat , as Surah is the mix of the Aayat assume the Surah Yasin is finished with the distinctive Aayat in any event or upto 80 above Aayat and thusly we say that in the event that we utilize the Wazifa of various work and the upsides of the Wazifa is in which the first is family issues is done , adore issues completed , cherish marriage issues completed , instruction issues completed , occupation or boss completed , business or exchange and trade completed issues , a couple issues completed and so forth these all issues or inconveniences are totally wrapped up by the Dua , Wazifa .

The Dua Wazifa is utilized by the performing or going to the a great many everys time of NAMAZ of five circumstances assume the first is FAZAR NAMAZ ,the second one is ZOHAR NAMAZ ,the third one is ASAR NAMAZ , and the fifth one is MAGRIB NAMAZ and after these five circumstances of NAMAZ we present at first DAROOD E PAK and afterward after we recount Dua Wazifa .

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