Find Your Ism e Azam


Find Your Ism e Azam”,Ism-e-Azam are the great names of Allah, when recited invokes the mercy of Allah.

Every person has an Ism-e-Azam, either based on his/her name or circumstances. The great Sufis and friends of Allah have given us very simple and logical methods to work out our Ism-e-Azam. Every name has a quantity, according to the concept of Haroof-e-Abjad.

We can calculate and tell you, your Ism e Azam with how many times and how to read it, and what precautions to take for getting most of the benifeits from your Ism e Azam.

Send your FULL original (birth) name.   Please remember, incomplete names, nicknames or popular names or , caste, subcaste (Syed, Sheikh, Khan etc) are not counted while extracting Ismeazam.

Isme Azam (Allah’s Names) help  to resolve problems of the person  reciting  them. .

We suggest Ismeazam from  Names of Allah Kareem.

We always keep in mind Nature or TABA (Aatshi, Aabi …) of the person.

While suggesting Ismeazam, (if need/ requirement not mentioned by brother/ sister), we focus on Rizq, Job, Progress for brothers – Marriage, Love, Peace in the family, for sisters.

Above all, we try to suggest Ismeazam Roohi (beginning with the same letter as your name). Because it has been revealed that Ismeazam Roohi are more effective than ordinary Ismeazam.

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