Free Istekhara Service Rules


Free Istekhara Service Rules”,We are giving spiritual guide to our visitors free of charge.  People are calling us and chatting with us on facebook and skype. Its bringing a lot of emails and work. We want to publish some rules to help our visitors.

Istekhara or spiritual guidance is very good for a person. Many people are giving this service but few are giving the real help. We are doing our best to help others. But we also want to tell what we want from users.

We are writting few rules which every one should follow.

1. Be always clean in mind, heart and body while asking for spiritual support or istekhara. Even by sending us email remember to be clean.Muslims should do wadu and non muslims should take bath before contacting us.

2. Clean your home or room which you will use to contact or call us.

3.  Women should cover their head while taking with amil sahab.

4. Men and women both must not talk too much. Some times amil sahab need to check some thing or recite to see reasons behind a problem. Give him time. Dont make stressfull scene for him.

5. Talk with respect, ask short question and have good faith in God.

6. One must have clear and good intention to ask a question.

7. Dont make long talks with amil sahab. He has other important work also. Always have a pen and paper before calling or chating with him. Some time amil sahab is not remembering himself what he replies because of heave energies and powers he use to heal people.

8 Donate some money by paypal after you get reply as a thanks for help you get if you can. Amil sahab dont like to ask for money if he dont need to use on any case. But he is giving allmost all his time to help people and paying for websites and other things.

9. Dont ask questions which create fitna. Like who is my enemy etc. Amil sahab dislikes it and he dont want that people wll use istekhara to punish each other or create hate.

10. Good neeyat, intention and resepct will heal you automatically. Amil sahab has some powers which is helping him.

11. Talk always about true things. Dont try to misguide amils sahab. If you dont tell us truth we will not help you. Or you will not get what you want from us. Truth will give you correct answer and true help from us. If one lies with us or do any kind of game they will get serious problems.
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