Hirz Against Evil Eye Nazr Bad


Hirz Against Evil Eye Nazr Bad”,Unlike sorcery, the evil eye is immaterial. It is the psychic power to cause injury to health and property emanating from the eyes. The main cause of the evil eye is envy. Prophylactic protection against the destructive force of an envious look is often self – administered. Some acts become routine, like the recitation of the protective Qur’anic Sura before sleep (S. 113: 1-5), showing an open palm as people do when pictures are taken, or saying “five (fingers) in your eye ‘ (kamsa fi ainik) or or another prophylactic phrase. Other acts are performed for vulnerable persons in life crises. Babies, boys being circumcized, brides and grooms are provided with amulets consisting of little bags of salt, cowry shells, a little hand (kamsa), or a piece of gold.

Write the following amulet and to hang by the neck:

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