How to send Thavab/Savab/Hasana or do a Khatim

Ya Allah send the actual savab/hasana of my ibadah to the Holy Prophet (Sallal l . a . ho alai he wa aale hi wasallam) in addition to through his vasile send the savab/hasana to everyone ummah and especially in order to Sayyedina Maulana Jalal ud Din Rumi RA.
يا اللہ ميری عبادت کا ثواب رسول اللہ صل اللہ عليہ وآلھيہ وسللم کو پہنچا اور ان کے وسيلہ سے تمام امت کو اور بالخصوص سيدنا مولانا جلال الدين رومی رحمتھہ اللہ عليھ کو پہنچا دے۔


In Islam you can send Savab/Hasana of reading through Quran or Salawat/Darood. Also you can cook food and send the Savab/Hasana in the food. The choice is your responsibility.

You can eat the food yourself or give to the indegent or neighbours. Remember if the food was cooked while using the niyet (intention) of a sadaka you are unable to eat it at most.

If food is also there then put the food facing you as well and do this way
Read Darood/Salavat 11 times
Surah Fatiha once
Surah Ikhlas thrice (at least) or 11 times
Read Darood/Salavat 11 times

Then do a dua this way:
Ya Allah accept the Khatim and send the savab/hasana of the food and our ibadah to the Holy Prophet (Sallal l . a . ho alai he wa aale hi wasallam) in addition to through his vasile mail the savab/hasana to Sayyedina Adam (Alaihis salam) in addition to Sayyeda Hava (Alaihis salam) in addition to their children. Do not forget to include them as they are our parents.

Then to all the actual Prophets and their wives, families and their ummats. (here you can take names of just about any Prophets whom you in particular love). Especially to Sayyedina (IBrahim, Nooh, Daud, Musa, Eisa) alaihis salam. Then to everyone Khulafai Rashdeen (The primary 5 caliphs), Asra-e-Mubashrah, Almost all Ansar and Muhajireen, Ashab-e-Badr (Sahaba that fought in Badar war), Shuhda-i-Uhad, Almost all Sahaba, all family and wives in the Holy Prophet (Sallal l . a . ho alaihi wa alihi wa sallam)…. (you can take names coming from all those you love by way of example Sayyedina Abu Ayyub Ansari (Radi Allaho Anha), Sayyedina Imam Hasan in addition to Sayyedina Imam Hussain and all shuhodai Karbala (People that died in Karbala).

The many who saw the sahabis (tabeen), in particular Sayyedina Ovais karani (Radi Allaho Anha).
The many who saw the people who saw the sahabis (taba tabeen), To every one Angels…especially the Angels who definitely are close to Allah (for instance Sayyedina Gibrael, Sayyedina Mekaeel, Sayyedina Israfeel, in addition to Sayyedina Israel… Alaihis salam).

Then over the vaseele of Sayyedina Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (Rehmatullah alaih) send the savab/hasana to everyone ummah and all Auliya Allah. Especially here take titles of Auliya Allah you’re keen on or who are from your country. For example
Sayyedina Imam Zainul Abedeen (Cairo),
Sayyedina Sheikh Salih (father connected with Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani RA)
Sayyeda Fatima (mother connected with Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani RA)
Sayyedina Imam Abul Hasan Shazli (Egypt), Originator of shazli tariqa
Sayyedina Abul Abbas Mursi (Alexandria, Egypt),
Sayyedina Syed Ahmad Bedevi (Egypt),
Sayyedina Imam Buseri (Alexandria, Egypt), copy writer of qasida burda sharif
Sayyedina Mohayyud Deen Ibne Arabi (Damascus, Syria),
Sayyedina Zun Midday Misri (Damascus, Syria),
Sayyedina Maulana Jalal ud din Rumi (Konya, Turkey), founder of maulawi tariqa
Sayyedina Abul Hasan Kharkani as well as Harakani (Kars, Turkey),
Sayyedina Bayazid Bustami (Iran),
Sayyedina Junaid Bagdadi (Baghdad, Iraq),
Sayyedina Imam Rifai (Iraq), founder of Rifai tariqa
Sayyedina Naj off-road din Kubra (Central Asia), Originator of Kubrawi tariqa
Sultan ul Hind Sayyedina Moeen ud din Chisti (Ajmeer, India), founder of chisti tariqa
Sayyedina Khawaja Baha ud din Nakshband (Bukhara), founder of Nakshbandi tariqa
Sayyedina Baba Samasi
Sayyedina Khawaja Ameer Kulal
Sayyedina Khawaja Abdul Khaliq Khajdawani
Sayyedina Khawaja Baqi Billah (India),
Imam Rabbani Sayyedina Mujadad Elif Sani (India),
Sayyedina Khawaja Masum (son connected with Imam Rabbani)
Sayyedina Sheikh Shahab ud din Omar Suharwardi, founder of Suharwardi tariqa
Sayyedina Ali Hajveri (Pakistan),
Sayyedina Shah Hussain Zanjani (lahore, Pakistan),
Sultan ul Arifeen Sayyedina Sultan Bahu (Pakistan),
Sayyedina khawaja Bakhtiar kaki (Delhi, India),
Sayyedina Masoud ud din Ganj Shakar (Baba Farid) (Pakistan),
Sayyedina Nizam ud din Auliya (Delhi, India),
Sayyedina Jalal ud din Tabrezi (Bangladesh),
Sayyedina Siri Saqati (Iraq),
Sayyedina Maroof Karkhi,
Sayyedina Ali Ahmad Sabir (India),
Sayyedina Shams ud din Turk (India),
Sayyedina Shah Sharaf ud din Bu Ali Kalendar (India), Boss coming from all kalenders
Sayyedina Fadeel Trash can Ayad,
Sayyedina Ibrahim adham,
Sayyedina Hasan Basri (Iraq),
Sayyedina Sufyan Sauri,
Sayyedina (Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Hanbal, Imam Shafi, Imam Malik, Imam Jafar Sadik),
Imam Ghazali,
Sayyedina Syed Ali Hamadani (Kirgistan), publisher of aurad-e-fatihya
Sayyedina Sultan Ashraf Jehangir Semnani (India)
Sayyedina Imam Bukhari, Creator of Sahih Bukhari
Sayyedina Habib Ujmi,
Sayyeda Rabia Basri,
Sayyedina Shah Shams Tabrezi (Pakistan),
Sayyedina Farid ud Din Attar (central Asia),
Sayyedina Shah Inayat Hussain Qadri (Lahore, Pakistan),
Sayyedina Baba Bulleh Shah (Kusur, Pakistan),
Sheikh ul Islam Sayyedina Baha ud din Zikria (Multan, Pakistan),
Sayyedina Sheikh Sadar ud din Arif (Multan, Pakistan),
Sayyedina Shah Rukun ud din Alam (Multan, Pakistan),
Sayyedina Ghaus Mohammad Shah Gwaliari (India), founder of Qadri shattari tariqa
Sayyedina Ghaus Ali Shah Qalandar (India),
Sayyedina Lal Shahbaz Qalandar (Pakistan),
Sayyedina Pir Mehr Ali Shah (Islamabad, Pakistan),
Sayyedina Makhdoom Jahaniyan Jahan Gasht (India),
Sayyedina Hatam Asam,
Sayyedina Mian Mir Qadri (Lahore, Pakistan),
Sayyedina Ilim Din Shaheed (Lahore, Pakistan),
Sayyedina Shah Naseer ud din Charagh Dehlavi (India),
Sayyedina Abul Hajjaj (Luxor, Egypt),
Sayyedina Burhan ud din (Kayseri, Turkey),
Sayyedina Aziz mahmoud Hudai (Istanbul, Turkey),
Sayyedina Ala Hazrat Imam Ahmad Raza khan Barelvi (India), last mujadid and imam coming from all sunnis
Sayyedina Abdul Aziz Dabagh (Morroco),
Sayyedina Madu Lal Hussain (Lahore, Pakistan),
Sayyedina Abdus Salam Mashis (Morroco), founder of mashishi tariqa
Sayyedina Suleiman Trash can Jazuli (Marakesh, Morroco), Creator of dalai lul khairat
Sayyedina Wali Songo (the 9 Wali Allahs with Indonesia),
Sayyedina Moulay Idrees My spouse and i & II (Morroco),
Sayyedina Sahal trash can abdullah tastari
Sayyedina Abdullah Ansari
Sayyedina Allama Muhammad Iqbal Qadri (lahore, Pakistan) founder of Pakistan
Sayyedina Farid ud din attar (Central asia)
Sayyedina Kas-sab (Baghdad)
Sayyedina Shah Wali Ullah (India)
Sayyedina Shah Abdurrehim (father connected with Sayyedina Shah Wali ullah)
Sayyedina Shah Abur Raza (Uncle connected with Sayyedina Shah wali ullah)

Ridwan ullahi Ajmaeen……. to mention a few.
And in your parents and relatives in addition to friends. Savab/Hasana can also be delivered to living people whom you’re keen on.
If you have foodstuff also then blow within the food. Please remember until this food now has turn out to be holy food. Do not throw it in the bin. You must eat it all.

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