Istikhara to Make Husband Love You

Istikhara to Make Husband Love You ,” Istikhara means to endeavor valuable or useful or kindness from almighty Allah. When someone aims to do very important tasks, then he does Istikhara, before starting the task for the better results to Allah. The one who does Istikhara, they request Allah that, O the apprehender of the Unseen, guide me if this task is better for me or not.


Prayer to Allah 

O Allah!

I look for kindness from Your Knowledge and your Power. I look for the power form you because have much more power in this universe. Give me some so I can fulfill my dreams. My lord, you have potential to make my wishes fulfill. I have been trying very hard to achieve this task, but you have to guide for the result, your energy can make my problems regarding to mylove disappear.


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