Jinn and Magic

Jinn and Magic”,Each and every spell works only with the help of spiritual beings and based on that every magi strives to create contact and cooperation with one of these. In Arabian wonder, the largest knowledge a magi will surely have, is if they manages to capture among the servants of magic called Hudam or Khodam, regarding his magical rituals. Those magi that are more skilled and that are braver try to put together a contract with among the Jinn rulers, through which a large gate into a Jinn army are going to be opened, to the actual magi, who will become at his service anytime. Namely, according to many data, every Jinn ruler has a army of 800-120 billion under his principle, according to this information you can actually understand what a real contract would mean into a magi. Of course a real possibility is not free and it has its price.

Based on such a Jinn deal the magi must gratify the rulers lovemaking appetite by giving him his mum, sister or wife with whom he can have sex while they may be asleep. When the Jinn winner gratifies his sexual urges and it fell bestows the magi along with some supernatural powers so that he can perform any magic that she wishes and they include telepathy, travel around the world in one minute, invisibility, detection connected with hidden treasures, for example.

For the magi to talk to the Jinn you don’t have for a deal or prostitution, it’s enough to follow the guidelines of the early ceremonies. In the rituals connected with Daire (exorcism) a couple Jinn names may be mentioned, Tarsh and also Tariush, which is visible in the summoning or maybe Azimet: “Tarsh! Tariush! Descend! Answer! Where did the sultan select his army? Where is al-Ahmar, the actual sultan and the army? Answer; you servants of those names! ” With this spiritualistic ritual the place where a child is used to be a mediator, the magi can contact the Jinn from the child and consult questions.
The list connected with Jinn names coming from various groups and tribes is very long in fact it is practically impossible to be able to up-date it in a unit, but following the actual descriptions and guidelines of Arabian rituals it is possible to determine the nature of most of the Jinn. Tashyush, Latyush, Dalayush, Tvakapush, Arkapush are examples of good Jinn instead of Raahush, Vahyush, Ghayush, Ghafush and the like. There are also Jinn that have a varying character, therefore their behavior depends off their current mood and the intention of their summoning, much like the Jinn Shamyush.

Since the Jinn are associated with magic all of them has their very own function and perhaps they are called upon in a few rituals. A Jinn child by the name Zaazui is used in powerful enjoy spells that trigger longing and sensuality. If a magi wants to obtain a person, and it fell takes a light brick, puts it in a box and shuts it. Then they pronounces magical words and phrases (azimet) and clears the box. From it he will visit a soppy baby. The magi then asks the newborn to bring him the person that he requests and he will probably return him to be able to his Jinn mum.

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