Menstrual Problems Treatment , Cure Menstrual Disorder


Menstrual Problems Treatment , Cure Menstrual Disorder”,Many sisters going thru such severe pains and i also heard sumwhere dat sum take painkillers which cause them late pregnency n sum even never concieved and therefore i thot to post this thread for sisters…..

1. Wazifa:

to cure menstrual disorder recite
1. Darood Shareef 11 times
2. Ayah # 4,5,6 and 7 of Sora-e-Tariq 31 times
3. Darood Shareef 11 times
then blow on a glass of water and drink it. do this everyday till u recover. InshAllah Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala give u health.

2. Home Remedies:

Menstrual Problems treatment using Parsley
Parsley is one of the most effective among the several home remedies in the treatment of menstrual disorders. It increases menstruation and assists in the regularization of the monthly periods. This action is due to the presence of apiol, which is a constituent of the female sex hormone estrogens. Cramps, which are a result of menstrual irregularities, are relieved and frequently corrected entirely by the regular use of parsley juice, particularly in conjunction with beet juice; or with beet, carrot, and cucumber juices. The recommended quantity is 75 ml of each of the four juices.

Menstrual Problems treatment using Ginger
The use of ginger is another effective home remedy for menstrual disorders, especially in cases of painful menstruation and stoppage of menstrual flow. A piece of fresh ginger should be pounded and boiled in a cup of water for a few minutes. The infusion, sweetened with sugar, should be used thrice daily after meals as a medicine for treating this condition.

Menstrual Problems treatment using Sesame Seeds
Sesame seeds are valuable in menstrual problems. Half a teaspoon of powder of these seeds, taken with hot water twice daily, acts excellently in reducing spasmodic pain during menstruation in young, unmarried anaemic girls. Its regular use, two days prior to the expected periods, cures scanty menstruation. A warm hip bath containing a handful of crushed sesame seeds should be simultaneously taken along with this recipe.

Menstrual Problems treatment using Papaya
The unripe papaya helps the contractions of the muscle fibres of the uterus and is thus beneficial in securing a proper menstrual flow. Papaya is especially helpful when menstruation ceases due to stress or fright in young unmarried girls.

Menstrual Problems treatment using Coriander Seeds
Coriander seeds are also beneficial in the treatment of excessive menstruation. Six grams of these seeds should be boiled in half a litre of water. This decoction should be taken off the fire when only half the water remains. Sugar candy should be added to it and the patient should drink it when it is still warm.


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