Spiritual Practices for the Seekers of Allah Tala

1. Spiritual Practices for the Seekers of Allah Tala”,In the state of wudhu using thoroughly clean clothes, using perfume put on, faced towards qiblah, meditate within the fact your grave is definitely before your face. Ahead of everything otherwise, negate your individual self. Thereafter negate everything apart from Allah and recite 100 cases لا اله الا الله
When you say لا اله then you definitely meditate that the many beloved things on this kind of temporary world and the many false idols (which have taken shape through carnal desires in my personal heart) are staying negated.
Meditate which a pillar of light for the ‘Arsh of Allah Ta’ala is definitely entering your heart after you say الا الله
3. For Males: Make zikr involving ismuz-zaat by saying الله your own blessed name regarding Allah Ta`ala 100 cases. Imagine that together with your tongue, the heart is often saying the name involving Allah.
Take note: Its wajib to state Jalla jalaluho while saying the name of Allah Tala for once in different getting.
For Females: Help to make tasbeeh by declaring سبحان الله 100 cases.
3. Recitation regarding Istighfaar 100 cases.
4. Send salutations once the beloved Messenger (Sallallahu alaihi los angeles Sallam) by reading 100 instances
صلّي الله علي النبي الامّي
5. Recitation from your Qur’an Majeed: A person should attempt to recite whenever possible. In addition, you will have to be punctual with reciting Surah Yaseen. Shortly afterwards reciting the Qur’an Majeed, you will have to supplicate thus: “O Allah! We have recited Your lucky words. And we’ve got recited the “heart” of the words. O Allah, with all the blessings of the ‘heart’ of the words, purify our own paper hearts and scholarhip us finish purification and bestow all of us with sound hearts. ”
6. Recite 1 manzil involving Munajaat-ul-Maqbool.

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