Ayate sakina

  What is Ayate Sakina, Benefits, Advantages”,To get protection against all kind of diseases, difficulties, enemies and for removal of debts, recite the above mentioned ayats and wait until the order of Allah comes. Al-hamdulillah the ayats will show its effect at its due time. ayate sakina

  Nade Ali Wazifa”,Naade Aliyyan Madh’haral Ajaaibe Tajid’hoo Awnan Laka Fin-Nawaaib. Kullu Hammin Wa Ghammin Sayanjalee Bi Wilaayatik. Yaa Aliyyu, Yaa Aliyyu, Yaa Ali. (Call Ali, He is able to bring about the extraordinary. You will find him an effective supporter in all calamities. All worries and sorrows will soon disappear on account of your
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