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Wazifa To Make Your Husband or Wife love you

For Husband / Wifes love Read Ya Wadud-o……..Allahs name……..500 times, Salavat/ darood a few times sooner ALONG WITH after, Read The item right after maghrib salah, even though imagining the husband as well as wifes face. as well as put a good photo within front connected with an individual AND ALSO keep in looking in […]

How To Find a Murshid or Sheikh

Conducting a bait (Baya) of any Murshid or Sheikh will be Sunnah. There are several places from the life of our beloved Prophet (sallal laho alaihe wa aalehi wa sallam) which he did bait (Baya) connected with Sahaba. The most famous is termed Bait-i-Ridvan, which is mentioned in Quran. Allah says in Quran with that […]

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