Taweez Her Kism Ki Buri Atma Bhoot Palit Or Jinno Ko Bhagane Ke Liye Get Rid Off Any Evil Ghost Bad Things


(1). Safety of Everything:-

Taweez Her Kism Ki Buri Atma Bhoot Palit Or Jinno Ko Bhagane Ke Liye Get Rid Off Any Evil Ghost Bad Things”,For safety from outside world keep this Taweez along with you inshallah you will get of all the evils from outside world. If you are going on a journey or any lonely place where there is danger and if you have this Taveez along-with you, you will be safe and out of reach of all evil spirits.


(2). Cure From Evil Sprits :-

Any person or a child undergoing through any evil spirits, feeling scared, seeing of dangerous faces, creating problems. Make that person or child wear the Taveez Inshallah he will be free from all the evil spirits. And if still he is not cured so in such situation put the Taveez in boiling water, after that cool it remove Taweez from water and sprinkle the water on the person and stitch Taweez in blue cloth and tie on the right hand side of the person. Inshallah the person will be free from all evil spirits.


(3). Finishing Of Evil Spirits:-

This Taveez is very useful for finishing this evil spirit because some evil spirits are so strong they don’t leave the person so in such a situation remove one Taweez from the book and hang in his neck, remove one more Taveez and read for 41 times after this mix the Taveez in flour ball take the Taveez out of urban area and go and drop the Taweez in some lonely place. Reading and Throwing the method of Taweez should be continued for 7 days. Inshallah evil spirit will never return.

(5). Getting rid of Jin:-

Sometimes a person is caught through a Jin, Fairy, Bhoot etc. enters the body of the person and trouble a lot is called catching of Jin. So getting rid out of this Jin this Taveez should be hang in the neck of the person. And for 7 days mix the Taweez in water and make that person drink. Inshallah by using this method Jin will go away forever.


(6). Cure From High Heart Beats :-

Any person he or she facing from this problem, having high beats anywhere he or she goes and they are not satisfied and this happens because of weak heart. This can also happen because of magic done by the enemy so in such a situation take one Taveez and put in the nect of the person suffering after Namaz-e-fajr. And take one more Taveez mix in saffron water and make the person drink for seven days. Inshallah You will be cured from this disease.


(7). Safety of Pregnant Woman :-

If any woman facing the problem of miscarriage again and again and also for other women who is pregnant the Taveez should be tied in the neck of the women and be kept in the neck till the time of pregnancy is completed. After the birth of the child the Taveez should be flown in funning water. Inshallah you will succeed.


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