Taweez ( Rozi Rozghar Ki Tarakki Ke Liye )

Taweez ( Rozi Rozghar Ki Tarakki Ke Liye )

Taweez ( Rozi Rozghar Ki Tarakki Ke Liye )
Taweez ( Rozi Rozghar Ki Tarakki Ke Liye )

(1). Increment in Food:-

It is the gift of Allah which is given just by asking him through petition after each namaz a man ought to appeal to God for the expansion in nourishment other than this, whose salary is stop he require incense in his wage so for this reason this tawees is extremely advantageous. Keep this tawees in your pocket/satchel for 41 days. Perused this tavees regular for 41 times after Namaz – e – Fazr (morning) for 41 days. On the 41st day profound the taves in balll of flour (Afta) and put in ocean or well. Inshallah soon you with see the advantage.


(2). Increment in welth:-

Evacuation of neediness is through its own particular human deeds which is composed through God yet this can be changed if a man implores Allah and ask for whatever he has fouled up and from his heart he truly sad for that. Keep this Tavees with him for 4 Month. Perused the Tavees for 11 times till 4 months after Namaz – e – Zohar (Afternoon). After keep this Taveez inside the principle entryway entrance. Inshallah soon your neediness will diminish and there will be … .. in your riches.

(3). Benefit in Business:-

Each individual has a desire to have an inconceivable and benefit his business and for this a man needs to way appeared by Allah and not conflict with it and ask. Keep this Taweez in your Business.

(4). Unemployment:-

A man having no chance to get of wage and is looking for occupation so utilize this Taweez for 40 days. Perused this Taveez for 7 times is Namaz – e – Fajar (morning) amongst Sunnat and Faraz. Keep the Taweez with you. On the 41st day go close to the side of running water and stream the Taveez in the water. Inshallah inside 40 days you will land the position some place or the other. On the off chance that the occupation some place or the other. On the off chance that by attempting the Taweez for 1 time you don’t get any outcome strive for the second time. Inshallah you will get the outcome.

(5). Advantage in shop:-

In the event that your shop is not running admirably, less benefit, less buyer, diminish in offering items, so in this circumstance stick this Taveez on a card-board and hang in your shop. Ordinary when you open the shop read this Taweez for 2 times. Keep the copy of this Taweez in the locker of your shop. Inshallah your shop will succeed. In the event that any of your adversary has ceased your pay in shop through the dark enchantment it is through this Taveez you will profit. Method for utilizing Taweez – leave the Taveez in water. Morning time when you open the shop read 11 time Durud sharif, 1 time Ital Kursi, 1 time Al-Hamd sharif utilize this strategy for seven days on water and sprinkle in every one of the four corners. Inshallah clear enchantment done by you foe will be done and your shop will run each will.

(6). Increment in Development of Factory:-

For increment being developed and pay of manufacturing plant this, Taveez is extremely advantageous. From this book expel eight Taveez. Use on Taveez at the season of Tahajud on Thursday dunk the Taveez in a glass of water and after Namaz – e – Fajar sprinkle this water on the four corners of your manufacturing plant. This work ought to be accomplished for seven Thursdays. On the eighth Thursday after Namaz – e – Asar on Taveez ought to be stuck on the card board and hold tight the mass of the workplace or in where give and take is finished. Inshallah your manufacturing plant will flourish to incredible statures.

(7). Close work to be re-begin:-

For this reason stick the Taveez on card board and hang in the place of your work. Perused this Taveez ordinary for 41 days, 111 circumstances. Other than this, dunk one Taveez in water and sprinkle the water on place of your work for seven Thursdays. Inshallah your nearby work will begin once more.

(8). For work:-

Any individual wishing to be utilized and not yet prevailing with regards to landing the position, so the individual wishing ought to peruse this Taveez ordinary 21 times after Namaz-e-Fajar and keep the Taveez alongside him accordingly of which he will land the position of his own decision.

(9). Giving of obligation:-

Any individual paying off debtors and has no chance to get of giving it so in this circumstance a man ought to peruse this Taveez regular for 41 days after Namaz-e-Jsha, 33 times. Keep the Taveez in your pocket. Inshallah you will get free out of obligation and there will be peace in your life.

(10). Return of your obligation

On the off chance that you need your obligation to be return however the individual next is not witting to return but rather the individual next is not willing to return so in such a conditions a Taveez ought to be glue on a paper and removed from urban range and tied on a branch of a tree. Perused this Taveez for 7 days and 11 times. Inshallah the individual on whom your obligation is, will soon return it you and your issue will be settled.


(11). Increment in wage for giving obligation:-

On the off chance that any individual paying off debtors and can’t give back the obligation the individual ought to peruse this Taveez for 41 days, 121 circumstances. For seven days take one Taveez at once plunge in water and sprinble at the place of your work. Inshallah there will be increment in your pay and you will be in position to give back your obligation.

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