Time Management to Help the Salik, Nizam e Awqaat Salik k Liye


Time Management to Help the Salik, Nizam e Awqaat Salik k Liye”,Salikeen need to learn to manage time. Our grandfather shaikh from my Qadriyya silsila, Arif billah Hazrat Sufi Ghulam Muhammad sahib (ra) accustomed to say, “A one that cannot manage their time cannot handle anything at all. ” Our grandfather shaikh from my Chishtiyya silsila, Hazrath Jalalabadi Moulana Masihullah Khan Sherwani (ra) accustomed to say, “A one that cannot manage to settle time cannot manage to get up on time. inches

Even though advices must be used to be able to possess a proper timetable. An idea came to me now about memorizing the language of our own pious parents. Should a salik worry about memorizing the phrases involving his buzrughs? Simply absolutely no. He should become focused about reading them, listening of their mind regularly, he doesnt should worry about memorizing them, why? The words individuals pious elders are usually such, they have a really barakah included them to come to be able to any saliks use as soon as he needs them. Moreso, something I observed from my shaikh just a dars he was doing from Malfuzaat of Hakeem ul Ummat, a salik needs to develope within them self such ruhaniyat how a words that matter from his mouth are just like the words of pious buzrughs. You yourself really should create such ruhaniyat in you that men and women will listen for your words and desire to memorize your phrases.

To moment management, which is probably an unstated lesson, shuyookh might never feel upon this but its important to do. It is usually so important that some sort of shaikh might believe this can be something which goes unstated, that a salik should know at least this much.

In regards to time management salikeen get into two categories; (1) the salik that’s goverened by moment and (2) the exact salik who governs minute.

I have noticed the manifestation of payday cash in both of the grandfather shaikhs, the Chishti shaikh Hazrath Jalalabadi Moulana Masihullah Khan Sherwani (ra) in addition to the Qadri shaikh Arif Billah Hazrat Sufi Ghulam Muhammad sahib (ra). The real secret is to first complete a schedule of folks time. Keep similar to the present:

Adjust the periods around the left according to your time.

The true secret to success within this particular field is amal, to complete your mamulaat punctually, obtaining steadfastness, daily. The buzrughs never avoid their mamulaat possibly about safar journeys. They can travel from one part of the world to another but is not miss a individual mamulaat, they are generally so punctual. We will likely need to take on that quality. On some days we might have to adjust things about, but these are generally rare circumstances. If these become a typical occurance then we will likely need to look back at how you set up our very own schedule and alter that completely. Salikeen often complain of the direction they are not progressing, they won’t perform their mamulaat day-to-day, they do zikr designed for 3-4 days then they are absent within zikr regarding 3-4 days, they want to sit when using the shaikh daily and create zikr to secure some sort of habit of it – they want to hold the shaikhs side and walk having him forever or now and again they want the shaikh to cart them on their back. The thought never occurs of their mind that maybe that they havent established their timetable correctly, maybe they dont have a very schedule!

Thus lets claim any salik has 13 tasbih zikr, tilawat, munajat age group maqbool and hizbul bahr. The true secret to getting these accomplished is always to do them previous to be able to Fajr. So lets declare I estimate the perfect time to do these is a couple of hours, in 1 hour time I can accomplish the preceding mamulaat. Fajr minute here starts with 534am, i really must wake at 415am, make wudhu and start my mamulaat at 430am in order to finish by Fajr minute. Set up your schedule that way, start at 400am, your worktime begins at 400am. In order that you get up and create wudhu. Here is some sort of subtle point within carrying out mamulaat with tahajjud time: get up quietly, create wudhu silently. This saves any salik from a couple of things; (1) disturbing other people and (2) hint involving riyaa.

So now you get up and make your present mamulaat, its Fajr minute, congratulations! Shabaash and mubarak for your requirements! Fajr time provides just started therefore you are already through with your mamulaat during the day! After Fajr, according to your schedule in those days, you can do more tilawat or other sorts of wird (astaghfaar/durood) you should finish up or maybe its the perfect time to prepare for work now or even you’ve some nap minute scheduled, whatever. It is rather critical to your success that you simply adhere to your present schedule. This is one kind of salik and many salikeen are of this type, they need to put together a time to perform mamulaat and stick to that every day. I thought this was the best way of Hazrat Jalalabadi Moulana Masihullah Khan Sherwani (ra).

Ok so that anyone set your time table to begin at 4am but how are you going to stick to this? How do you want to abide by waking way up day-to-day at 4am?? The real secret is in time you sleep. The individual who cannot sleep in time cannot wake by the due date. You should set a specific the perfect time to sleep, which you agree to strictly, and then you actually will wake on time on your current mamulaat. I would recommend the stop time for those activities to be on 11pm. Hazrath Jalalabadi Moulana Masihullah Khan Sherwani (ra) was once accompanied by their students after Isha, yet head back to aid his quarters and upon reaching near to the door he could flip and declare, “Ok, khuda hafiz, its the perfect time to retire for the night now. ” He would do this totally and punctually, day-to-day. He slept over time, not because he had to settle those days but because he’d to wake on time. If you snooze late naturally you’ll be able to wake up past owing. This is the salik that’s goverened by moment, he needs to set a specific the perfect time to do his mamulaat. He’ll most likely notice that the afternoon he misses his mamulaat around the specific time he’s set them that day he’ll most likely miss his mamulaat absolutely, he will never be capable of come around and catch approximately his mamulaat. The afternoon you miss your existing set time intended for doing mamulaat is the day you can neglect your mamulaat illa masha’Allah. Most salikeen get into this category, that they should set specific times to complete mamulaat and should adhere to them.

The other salik is the type who governs their time, time doesn’t control him. These kinds involving salikeen are extraordinary even though, its more of a personality/mentality that lots of people have. These salikeen dont value time, they’re more focused across the objective. The objective to them may be to be punctual in mamulaat maybe the mamulaat are accomplished previous to Fajr or after Zuhr or after Isha, time doesnt matter of their mind. They carry any mind note of tasks and moreover they accomplish them whenever they want. As I mentioned these salikeen are usually rare and its a kind of personality some persons include, if a salik wants to know if he is this kind they just has to attempt to maintain this mentality to acquire a month or so and he’ll most likely come to know. If he was opportune in his mamulaat to acquire a month without repairing any specific the perfect time to carry them out he then is this sort. Arif Billah Hazrat Sufi Ghulam Muhammad sahib (ra), the particular daddy of my shaikh, he was that way. He never kept an original time to perform mamulaat, he carried them out whenever he wished to. These buzrughs would probably not keep specific times to complete mamulaat but these buzrughs are really punctual in mamulaat, they never miss.

Salikeen fit into whatever category comes more natural of their mind. Here is yet another point that concerns head, this is the major benefit in being bayt in multiple tareeqah, the benefit within being bayt in multiple silsilah is that your natural disposition can make you that method which is ideal for you. Should you be bayt in a specific silsilah you may then have to alter your natural disposition from it, which is highly excellent, but when bayt into all four silsilahs its less of an challenge to gravitate in comparison with that method which matches you. Back on the particular schedule thing, sometimes circumstances arise in your lifetime where you should alter your schedule and rather than doing your mamulaat before Fajr while utilized to, you may have to complete them after Isha, everthing is determined by your current preoccupation the period. So you must alter your temperement, your present personality, and you have to govern your time for the day rather than enable it govern you. In spite, it is very crucial that you your accomplishment in sulook that you simply make a time-table, you set an original time to perform your mamulaat therefore you adhere to the interval daily, punctually, devoid involving fail. On some days you may need to adjust them about, thats ok, but the overall flow of the schedule should always stay identical. If your schedule will be consistently being adjusted then you will need to sit down and re-plan your program, possibly you underestimated your existing activities. Keeping and sustaining an arrangement, proper schedule can be quite a major key within accomplishment in sulook. The salikeen who adhere to a proper schedule improve quickly in sulook. In order that you should take these sorts of advices and make dua just for this poor person.

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