Wazifa For Pain

whether or not ones body hurts with regard to zero reason please do your own follwing
Darood/Salavat 11 times
Full Bismillah 100 times
Darood/salavat 11 times
Then do a good dam (blow) for the affected part. your own pain will disappear immediately

If your own body aches with regard to not any reason ALONG WITH always a series of body section aches. Do your own following. Inshallah It’s going to totally stop. It is especially the case within old you Just as they always apply for a pain a few during which pertaining to no apparent reason.
After fajr salah AS WELL AS esha salah read your soon after ayet 7 times AS WELL AS do a good dam at your own hands next rub the hands just about all in excess of ones body. Leaving zero area of any body.
It will probably stop hurting for ever right after the while
Read full bismillah then
Surah inam…ayet absolutely no 1……….7 times
Bismaillah has for you to become read each date through the ayet Equally area of a ayet.

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