Wazifa to Remove fear/phobia of any thing from weak hearted people, for people who’s have weak limbs and to gain strength, sexually weak people, to drive out laziness


YA QAWEEYU (O The Strongest One)
YA QUWATIL MATEEN(O The Possesor of Power, the Firm)
YA ALLAHU YA KAFI YA ALLAHU YA BAQI (O Allah O Self-sufficient One O Allah O The Everlasting )
YA AZIZ UL JABBAR (O The Mighty Overpowering Lord)
Ya QAWEEYU Ya Aziz (O Strongest One! O Mighty One!).

Recite 101 times and blow into water and/or olive oil and the victim should drink the water and massage the oil on his body daily.


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