Wazifa To See The Cure of a Disease in Your Dream

No matter whether you desire to view your own cure of an disease Utilizing your dream please do ones follwoing.
After Esha salah acquire a good Ghusul (bath) IN ADDITION TO wear clean clothes. of which were freslly washed. with out talking for you to anyone pay a visit to your current bedroom AND you’ll want to become alone there. Lie towards bed AS WELL AS read
Darood/salavat 11 times
Surah Alem Nashrah 15 times
Surah Wad Duha 15 times
Darood/Salavat 11 times
After This do the du alike this: Ya Allah please show me your cure with the disease (name of an disease) that will may supply fill shifa.
Inshallah in 7 nights You will watch the cure. whether or not a person do not view virtually any thing please keep with doing it.
Note: You need to take an Ghusul (bath) every night

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