Wazifa to Stop Breast Feeding


Wazifa to Stop Breast Feeding”,It’s best to give your baby nothing but breastmilk for the first six months of her life. After that, you can start to give her different foods, as well as breastmilk.

When your baby’s about 2 years old, she’ll be getting all the goodness she needs from food. So this is when you may decide to stop breastfeeding altogether. This is called weaning your baby from your breast.

Do wadu, then before breast feeding recite Surah Burooj, and start breast feeding then during feeding blow on child 3 times , dont talk to any one during this amal., keep doing it child will soon leave it.


Jab bacha 2 saal ka hojaye tu us ka maa ka doodh chora deyna chahiye , lakin baaq auqat bachey door nahi chortey is k liye ye amal karen.

Jab bhi doodh pilain pehley wazu karen phir 1 bar Surah Burooj parhen phir doodh pilatey hoye bachey per 3 bar dam karen, her bar asa karen kuch hi din men bacha doodh khud hi chor deyga, wazifey k doran kisi sey baad nahi kerni.

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